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“Now that our project is drawing to a close, we wanted to take a few moments to thank you for the phenomenally awesome finished product. The amazing part, for us, is how much fun it has been working with you and being able to observe the creative process as it unfolds – turning a collection of drawings, lumber, sheetrock and stones into a beautiful, gracious and comfortable home for our family. It seems that there is no task that you are not willing to undertake. You are extremely responsive and available for calls, consultation or hand-holding almost any time. Although you are clearly a visionary, we really appreciate your willingness to jump right in and get your hands dirty as well. Your unflagging energy is legendary, as is your vast knowledge of design and aesthetics. There is a sense of surprise and wonder in each room. Every visitor has commented on the fact that there is a unique detail or element whenever you turn. Nothing is boring, yet nothing is jarring or out of context. Unexpected segues from room to room eliminate the uniformity and blandness of other “high end” homes. The same creativity works in the garden as well, where each corner brings you to another wondrous place to feast your senses. Each view has been carefully considered, with special emphasis given to its relationship with the garden and the way the light enters. Because you designed the gardens in tandem with the house, there is a very special flow inside and out. We look forward to a flourishing friendship now that our professional relationship has come to an end.”
Dr. and Mrs. Murphy Chutorian

“As I waked through the house recently, I realized that it is absolutely perfect. You have given me a home that is breathtakingly beautiful. While there is a clear affinity to the photograph of my majestic dream home in the south of France, it has evolved to surpass even my dreams. The other day, when visiting the house with my friend, she literally exclaimed in awe, “This is the most gorgeous home I have ever seen!” You have graciously acquainted yourself with every member in our family and ingeniously incorporated every individual need and unspoken desire. My husband and I knew from the start you’d be a hands-on designer when at our first meeting you hauled a ladder to what would be our future roof garden so that we could visualize the views in all directions. As we’ve watched you oversee every detail of construction, we truly appreciate your diligence. Although it was abstract at the time, the broad view was critical. To be honest, despite the renderings, I needed to trust you to visualize how beautiful our home and garden would be. You are amazing in your composition of patterns, texture and color. It never ceases to amaze me that you keep all the details in your mind so that everything seamlessly interrelates and smallest details are addressed. We must thank you for giving our home such perfect bones. This was the most important challenge, because the structure will never change while we are content to watch the interior and gardens unfold.”
Mr. and Mrs. Nohra

“As we strolled around our neighborhood, enjoying evening walks, a few homes, specifically, caught our attention. Without realizing the connection, we noticed all these homes had one thing in common – you’d worked on all of them! We loved our first meeting with you. Immediately you understood our needs and to me personally portrayed a LOVE of your work, as I do, towards mine – that made both Jim and I very (very) eager to work with you. You were gracious and focused and quickly created a plan that got our projects under way. People stop outside our house enjoying the view, as Jim and I have done for years, outside many of the other homes you have worked on. Our landscaping is breathtaking, our outdoor garden is inviting and simply gorgeous. You have demanded excellence in regards to our projects and the end product demonstrates that. Going above and beyond the “norm”, seems to be a Lynn Hollyn signature. Whilst we started our venture as an outdoor project, you have given us the best gift of all, inside our home. You turn every task into a labor of love. By demanding excellence you have exceeded by far our expectations. Your work ethic is awe inspiring and leaves us breathless sometimes in terms of the energy and attention to detail you apply.”
Mr. and Mrs. O'Sullivan Bean

“Perhaps the words of a “Palo Alto walker” express the artistry of your discipline best. There I was at 6am darting to my driveway to fetch the New York Times and she stopped me in my tracks with the following comment. “Thank you,” she said for the work you have completed on your garden. It provides me with a daily FEAST for me eyes.” My response of course was, “Really, don’t thank me. The thanks are meant for Lynn Hollyn. She is the person that has brought the beauty to our small piece of Palo Alto earth.” This is an important and descriptive passage, a little vignette, which symbolizes your work… you have taken our little piece of earth and transformed our entire setting which actually extends beyond the comments of a walk-by neighbor to the daily joyfulness we experience as a family.
We have been homeowners in many locations hiring various subs and general contractors to complete multifaceted works. You and your firm soar to the top of that list for being true to your vision, your budget and your customer care. We are grateful and we hope that our small project can be a testimony to your business. I know you have many folks patiently waiting for your services. They are services well worth waiting for.”
Mrs. Libby Heimark

“For those of you who are considering working with Lynn Hollyn Design, we feel compelled to share our wonderful experiences working with Lynn Hollyn and her team at Hollyn Design. It has been an absolute joy to work with Lynn over the past few years. She has brought our visions together with her expertise to create something that is exactly what we wanted but much better than we could have imagined. She is unmatched at creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional, designs that are harmonious and alive and in character with the best European traditions. Her designs, from the layout of the house and garden to the details of the furniture are both beautiful and inviting. Her creativity provides a constant font of alternative and equally exquisite options for us to choose. She has worked to understand our family, our tastes, and how we like to live in order to design the best house for us. She gives her work a level of attention to detail that is difficult to find in any profession, and very special when you find it. She has also been extremely patient and willing to revise her designs until they work for both our life and our budget.
Mandy grew up in London and loves English houses. No other designer we have encountered comes close to Lynn's understanding of not just the style, but the level of attention to detail that is required to design a house that truly has the feel, as well as the form, of a real English house. The breadth of her career (which has ranged from furniture design to garden design and houses in many different styles) along with her frequent travels throughout the world, gives her experience and perspective to do this.
Designing a house that is right for you is an intimate process, and while working with Lynn we have become good friends with Lynn and her family. I can imagine no one I would rather work with on such a personal and important project as designing and furnishing the home in which we want to live, raise our family, relax and entertain. Lynn clearly loves her work, and her enthusiasm is contagious, turning what could be an arduous process into a thoroughly enjoyable one. We hope you are as happy with both the process and the results of your design project as we are and we definitely recommend that you work with Lynn Hollyn and her design team!”
Mr. and Mrs. Mandy and Don, Atherton